Starting Your Paleo Lifestyle

Paleo or the caveman diet has become popular in recent years.  Spun on by a desire to find foods that are natural and healthy, the diet has become almost mainstream.  I saw “almost” mainstream because many websites still consider it to be a weird diet that will die out like the other crazy diets.  The basics of the diet revolve around eating what our paleolithic ancestors would have eaten.  This generally involves meat, vegetables, some fruits and nuts.

More and more food manufacturers are catering to this diet now that it has gained quite a following.  Therefore, you will find ready-made foods such as paleo cereals, paleo jerky, and paleo cookies.  These often contain honey as honey is permitted on the diet.  However, most honey is processed, and strict paleo dieters restrict themselves to raw honey only.  Most of the paleo products cannot economically make the foods with raw honey and so make do with regular honey.  Some commentators argue that eating processed honey is as bad as eating sugar.

In some ways, the paleo diet is a form of the low carb diet.  However, whereas most low carb diets will not allow honey and dried fruits, the paleo diet seems to thrive on these enjoyments.  Popular writers of these diets explain that these foods should be consumed in small portions.  However, many dieters forget this important warning and consume it in larger quantities than would be good for them.  However, this does make the diet a lot easier to stick to and enables a lot more people to take the leap and start the diet.

The paleo diet has evolved to become more of a lifestyle these days.  There is a whole culture to the diet.  People are supposed to be less stressed.  This is to mimic the life of cavemen who, apart from hunting animals, didn’t really suffer from the stresses that plague us daily.  They didn’t have to deal with overcrowded subways or work befalling you at all hours of the day.  The diet also encourages exercise.  However, instead of aerobic exercises, they suggest more lifting and sprinting.  This also copies what cavemen might have down.  The lifting is to mimic the lifting of boulders.  Sprinting simulates either running away from predators or running towards prey.  These types of exercises are supposedly what our bodies are more built for.  Continuous running or jogging is not considered good for our bodies.  They can cause inflammation in many people and can increase the chances of long term problems.  Lifting and sprinting, on the other hand, do not suffer from these drawbacks.  They are also easily performed by everyone even if they don’t have access to a gym.  This makes the cheap as well as quick.  You can finish doing the paleo exercises within 20 minutes and usually only have to do it twice or three times a week.  These exercises are often called crossfit training.

No one knows exactly what paleo foods entail, but the diet is basically built on the premise that humans should stay away from foods that have only come into our diet in recent years.  These foods include various grain products, which contain toxins harmful to our bodies.  As paleo grows, perhaps more research will be done to more accurately determine exactly what foods paleolithic humans ate.

Starting Your Healthy Life

If you want to follow your diet and lead a healthy lifestyle, make sure that everything included in your diet, even the ones you buy from stores, are healthy.
You have to make sure that those foods have been manufactured with healthy and high-quality ingredients. There is a lot of misinformation about nutrition and dieting. That’s why you have to work hard to discover the truth and to stick with it! 

These days, it is seemingly very easy to diet, mainly because these dieting-oriented products can now be easily acquired from stores and online shops; however, you still have to be careful.Remember that many people are in it for the money. They are not worried about your well being. In fact, it is many of the smaller food manufacturers that cater more to your health. That’s why it is often good to buy from smaller boutique food manufacturers. 

People who want to spread the ideology on better quality food can now start their own  business, and proof of that is the massive increase of commercial kitchens opening lately.Though the road may be long and winding, they are still bent on providing quality foods that appeal to both the palate and good health. I tip my hats off to those people. They make the enjoyable of healthy and great-tasting food so easy and effortless!

Low carb foods are always difficult to make. Many of the traditional ingredients that are easily accessible, such as wheat and sugar, cannot be used. Instead, low carb foods have to be made from expensive ingredients such as coconut flour and flax meal. They are not subsidized by the government and the demand for them is generally low,  making the prices quite high.That explains why high quality and healthy foods are expensive. Despite this expense, your health is worth the extra costs! The benefits will not only be found in the enjoyment of food that is great tasting and healthy; you also have the advantage of eating something that will be good for your health and make your life longer.

An Introduction To Cereal

The food items now stocking the shelves in stores and supermarkets these days are nothing short of amazing. There are so many diets around lately, giving off the impression that anyone can start dieting and make quick success of it. Take for example, the low carb diet, which is typically exemplified by the Atkins diet. Aside from some chocolates especially formulated to be accommodated by these diets, there are even low carb cereals around!

You no longer even have to cook your food yourself.If you want to eat something at a certain point in time, you only have to ring this or that restaurant or just drop by this supermarket to buy them. Dieting has transformed over the years!

However, buying ready made products is just general not as great for you still. You have to be watchful and one way to do that is to scrutinize the nutritional information as stated in the food’s packaging. Especially in the case of low carb breakfast foods, the level of caution should be higher.The amount of carb available in foods that claim to be low carb may be low, but they are not low enough to merit the title.Low carb bread is one just example. Your weight loss regime may be ruined if you’ve eaten these breads because, although they have lower carbs than traditional bread, the carb that they do have are the unhealthy ones.Even more importantly is the fact that low carb breads are not grain free. They are often made from wheat still or other types of grains that are just as bad for you!

Creme Bulee

Cutting Sugar Intake

Our health is our most prized possession.It is our sole responsibility to protect and bolster it.We shouldn’t rely on food manufacturers to care for our health and well-being for us.You will be shocked at how much they add sugar to everything, including desserts and tomato sauces.It’s no wonder obesity and diabetes rates are skyrocketing!

One way to be healthy - and stay health - is to cut down on your sugar intake yourself.That’s not such a difficult thing to do.You only need to assess everything that you eat by checking out their sugar content as indicated in their labels. For example, instead of your sugary cereals, you could instead buy low sugar cereal. These exist in abundance in most supermarkets. The problem is that they are sometimes not labeled properly so you need to look closer and scrutinize the ingredients and nutritional content.

Another item to watch out for on the nutritional labels is food coloring. You also need to pay attention to the artificial food flavoring used.Intake of MSG has been linked to cancer and various other problems. Aside from that, they can also dehydrate you and increase your appetite so you tend to eat more. Foods that contains natural flavoring on their food labels often contain MSG in disguise. Watch out for these and avoid them.

Another thing you can avoid in order to cut back on carbs and sugar is that sugary drink you love so much.This includes sodas and other soft drinks. Many supposedly teas and flavored waters actually contain added sugars. That’s why they taste good! However, you don’t need that extra added sugar! Aside from generally being bad for your health, they are also capable of adding calories to your diet. These empty calories are called as such because they don’t give you any nutritional value whatsoever.You will find no amino acids, vitamins or even minerals in sugar.Therefore, not only will it make you hungrier later on but it will also cause you to gain weight. Believe me, you don’t want them in your diet.

Healthy foods are a way to a healthy body.It is healthiest when the ingredients have not undergone any processing or are natural.No processing is generally involved in meats and vegetables.You should try to stay away from sausages and other processed meats. Vegetables are also great and comes in a lot of variety. Unpeeled fruits are fantastic despite having sugar content.The skin is high in fiber, which helps to absorb some of the sugar in the fruit. Drinking fruit juices is akin to drinking pure sugar water.Although they taste good, they can be harmful to your health.

Bread often also contains some sugar. Actually, even if they do not contain sugar, breads are still not too advisable.The wheat used in making them is often highly-processed and bleached in order to be turned into flour. To start with, wheat offers little by way of nutrients anyway. So what you get from bread is empty calories.

Do we even have to discuss desserts? Nowadays, there are a lot of sugar-free desserts for sale. These are probably better for you that eating a normal dessert. After all, they don’t have any sugar content at all.This means that you will already be eating fewer calories. Keep in mind, however, that many desserts are made from wheat and other grains. Again, this means you are eating empty pointless calories. Calories are responsible for energy stored in your body. So instead of using up your already full supply of energy, they’ll use the calories in that dessert. As a result, you will be left with more fat.

Cutting out sugar is essential to a healthy life. It’s difficult at the beginning, but once you start, you won’t go back! That is one decision you will never regret.

Desserts, Desserts, and More Desserts

There are very few people who don’t like desserts it seems. While some are partial to fruit pies and meringues, others are utterly in love with chocolate cakes and brownies. No matter what your favorite dessert is, it’s always tough when you first transition to a low carb diet. You are pretty much not allowed to eat your favorite dessert anymore. How do you cope with this loss? Being on a low carb diet does not mean you have to forego all desserts forever! You can select from a wide range of low carb desserts. Not only are they satisfying, they are also delicious. You can still enjoy your food and, at the same time lose some weight and remain healthy.I can’t imagine a better diet!
Low carb dessert recipes are practically overwhelming in number. So many in fact that I can’t possibly even cover a fraction of them in this article. The very simple recipes require only a handful of easy to procure ingredients and you won’t have to do any baking at all!There are, naturally, other recipes that require a few rounds of baking and other difficult to procure ingredients. Making low carb fudge is relatively simple. You can easily find the very few ingredients that you would need.Cream cheese and almond butter are the key ingredients here. You only have to mix the ingredients together and let it set in cold temperature in a flat dish.Then you just cut it up and enjoy. It is that simple.

Naturally, complicated recipes like that of coconut muffins also exist.These require the usage of coconut flour, which not many people have cooked with. But coconut flour is a straightforward ingredient.They just ground coconut into fine flour. It is used similarly to other flours.Therefore, to make your muffins, you still have to add some butter, eggs and a few other flavoring ingredients.Then you have to add baking powder and salt to make the muffins rise. To add to the flavor, sweeteners are used in lieu of sugar.For the final touch, let the muffins bake in an oven for 20 minutes.

The incredible amount of low carb dessert options will give you a lot of enjoyment as you go through them one by one.You can purchase some low carb desserts at supermarkets. Very dark chocolate, for instance, is a perfect low carb dessert.Or you could opt to prepare your own low carb desserts, and you can start with simple low carb coconut muffins.The increasing popularity of low carb diets makes food manufacturers produce more and more low carb products. This will make our diets even easier to stick to! 

3 Course Low Carb Meal

I generally feel that a salad for lunch is the best option. It’s also easy either to make or to buy ready-made. It is normal to see so many salad bars operating near offices.You  can pick whatever you want in your salad and add whatever dressing you want.Obviously, there are healthy options and not so healthy ones. Putting cheese in a salad and topping it off with a sweet salad dressing isn’t a good thing. Despite being low carb dressing, ranch and Caesar dressings are not as healthy as olive oil and red wine vinegar. I like to make sure I eat plenty of protein as this will fill me up for longer.You can also add eggs, tuna, chicken or salmon. Throw in lots and lots of green vegetables.Asparagus, spinach, and broccoli are all very good! 

Dinner is a rather complicated hurdle.You’re exhausted from a whole day of work. You want food, right here, right now. To immediately appease your hunger you settle for some fast food or restaurant takeaway. All that great work you put in will be rendered useless because you are eating something unhealthy. So what should you do? I recommend you cook over the weekend and heat food up when you get home each night. This means you won’t have to slave over a stove after a long hard day at work but still be able to get all the benefits of a delicious and healthy meal.

If you are wondering what to cook in large batches over the weekend, you have a lot of recipes to choose from.One wonderful option is chili sans the beans and the cornbread. You can consume a large pot of chili over the following week.Beef stew is another option. You can make this overnight in a slow cooker, so it’s even easier!Another wonderful suggestion of a homemade meal that you can store in the fridge is chicken tikka masala. 

Maybe you are wondering about dessert. Even if desserts seem to be complicated, there are low carb desserts that you can try preparing yourself.Some of the items you can use to come up with baked goods include coconut flour, flax meal, and peanut or almond butter. With these, you can choose to make cookies, muffins, or pancakes.Top them off with sugar-free jams and syrups to add flavor. You may also choose to make low carb cheesecake.Cheesecake is pretty low carb already, so all that’s really required is switching out the sugar in the recipe. Although you have prepared one whole cake, a slice a day will suffice.

And there you go, there’s your week already planned out for you! It may not be simple, but it’s doable! 

Low Carb Meal Plan

After spending an amazing weekend, you begin stressing about what the next week will hold for you.It’s quite a lot, having to decide what meals to cook, what deadlines to beat, what chores to do around the house?In fact, just the thought makes me want to go back to bed and hide under the covers.

There are some simple and easy fares that you can choose for your breakfast. There is cereal, for instance. I stick to a low carb diet generally so I eat low carb cereal most mornings. I use cold coconut milk for my cereal. It doesn’t take me long at all.It is also safe to serve this to your family members. Your entire family can enjoy this simple breakfast together.

Have You Ever Tried Paleo Cereals?

I fully expect you to answer “no” to my question.  In fact, most people have never had paleo cereal!  Why is that?  It’s because just about all cereals are NOT paleo.  Most cereals contain wheat and gluten and all sorts of other not so healthy ingredients, so they would never be suitable for someone on a paleo diet.  However, there are a few brands of paleo cereals that you can buy now.  So, if you haven’t tried paleo cereals, then I highly suggest you go out and buy some or else make yourself some!

paleo cereals

paleo cereals